How to Pay


Payments may be made by using any of the methods below. 

Please note: The George Washington University does not accept payments over the phone.

The eBill System

Your Student Account eBill allows you to make payments 24 hours a day via electronic check or credit card. Electronic check payments carry no fee; credit card payments carry a nonrefundable 2.95% fee ($3.00 minimum) that is charged by our processor.

Electronic Check

When making a payment using the electronic check payment method the user is prompted to enter a valid bank ABA Routing Number and Account number. By completing this payment process, the user is authorizing GW and its third party vendor to initiate a one-time Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit transaction from a designated checking or savings account to pay tuition, fees and other charges. Please note that corporate/business accounts cannot be used. Electronic check payments made through the eBill system will be reflected on the student’s account immediately. 

As of March 2021, Nacha mandates that all ACH originators of web debit entries (electronic checks) must include account validation as part of a “commercially reasonable fraudulent transaction detection system.” This rule applies to financial institutions as well as universities like the George Washington University. As part of this new requirement, all electronic check payments will have the bank account and routing number validated in real-time to confirm that they correspond to a legitimate, open account that will allow ACH (electronic check) transactions to post.

If you receive an error message when attempting to submit an electronic check payment, please confirm that your bank account and routing number are correct. If you continue to receive an error message, please contact your bank to confirm that the bank account is eligible to initiate web debit entry. If so, please submit an ACH Validation Appeal.  

If you have made an ACH payment in error, and would like to cancel your payment, please complete the ACH Cancellation Form before 1:30pm the date the payment was made. Any requests received after that time will not be processed. If you made your payment after 3pm, please submit the form by 1:30pm the following day. 

Credit Card

The university accepts credit card payments directly via the Student Account eBill solution. When making a payment using the credit card payment method, the user is prompted to enter a valid credit card information. By completing this payment process the user is authorizing GW and its third-party vendor to initiate a one-time credit card payment to pay tuition, fees and other charges. The user is also authorizing GW’s payment processor to charge a nonrefundable 2.95% (minimum $3) PayPath Payment Service fee for US credit cards or a 4.25% PayPath Payment Service fee for international credit card payments.  This fee is assessed by our processor and will appear as a separate transaction of the cardholder’s monthly statement. If using an international credit card, your credit card company may charge additional fees. Please read our Credit Card FAQ here. Credit card payments made via the Student Account eBill solution will be reflected on the student account immediately.

Please note that PayPath credit card transactions processed via the Student Account eBill solution cannot be cancelled or stopped once the payment has been submitted.

Third Party

The university no longer accepts credit card payments from government agencies, corporations, and embassies sponsoring students enrolled at the university and paying directly to the student’s account. Credit card payments will be accepted if the student’s charges are billed directly to your government agency, corporation, or embassy as a third party sponsor through our Third Party Billing office. Sponsors not billed through the Third Party Billing office would be required to have their students establish them as an authorized user on their Student eBill to process the credit card payment via the PayPath payment option. See our Authorized User Access webpage for more information on how to be setup as an authorized user. See our Third Party Billing webpage for more information on deadlines and sponsorship requirements.


A chargeback is initiated when a cardholder contacts their bank or credit card company to dispute one or more debits on their statement.  If the credit card company finds the dispute to be in favor of the cardholder, the funds are debited from the university and credited to the cardholder’s bank or credit card account. If this occurs, the student account will be assessed the full amount of the chargeback.  In the case that a chargeback includes or is initiated for the non-refundable PayPath Payment Service fee, your student account will be assessed a charge in the amount of the PayPath Payment Service fee.  The PayPath Payment Service Fee is a charge assessed by GW’s payment processor, and the terms and conditions presented and agreed to by the cardholder or student at the time of the PayPath transaction state that the transaction is not refundable under any circumstances.  A copy of the original PayPath transaction receipt and confirmation page can be provided to you at your request.  The student is responsible for any account balance that becomes due as a result of a chargeback; any outstanding balance is also subject to late payment fees and interest charges


Bank Wire Transfer

The university accepts bank wire transfers via the Student Account eBill solution.  Payments made via the Student Account eBill solution will be reflected on your student account upon receipt of the wired funds.

Users paying in an accepted international currency will be able to lock in their exchange rate for 72 hours. Depending on the country of origin, Transfermate may require additional information to process your request; please add [email protected] to your address book or safe list so that emails regarding your student account will arrive in your inbox.  Students and authorized users electing the US wire payment method will be assessed a non-refundable service fee of $20.  This fee will appear as a separate transaction on the transmission form. 

Video Guides

Domestic Wire Transfer

International Wire Transfer


If you have payment-related questions, please reach out to TransferMate at:

Phone: +1 312 924 3737
Email: [email protected]
Live chat is available through:


  • Overpayments via wire transfer will only be refunded as a return to the originating account or applied to your GWorld card. 
  • The bank wire option in Student eBill cannot be used for voluntary library gifts; if you wish to donate, please do so as a separate transaction paid via electronic check or credit card. 
  • Payments via AirWallex or other third party processors are not recommended at this time. If your payment is submitted via that vendor and creates a credit balance on your account, you will only be able to apply that credit to future charges or to your GWorld card balance.
  • International wires are not currently accepted from the following countries*: Afghanistan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Central African Republic, Congo, Congo (Republic of the Congo), Cuba, Eritrea Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Lebanon, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Moldova, Montenegro, Myanmar, Palestine, Russia, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. 
Submitting Admission Deposits

To make your deposit online, please log into Student eBill, located under the Student Accounts menu in GWeb. From the Deposits tab, you can select your admissions term, select your program, and submit your payment via ACH or credit card. If you’re not sure what term or program to select, please contact your Admissions counselor.

screenshot of deposit payment on GWEB

Payments outside of the eBill system

Check (Non-529 Plan)

The university accepts personal checks, cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks, and money orders. Checks should include the student’s GWID and the top portion (coupon) of the most current bill, which can be printed from the Student Account eBill.

Check payments should be made out to The George Washington University and mailed to:

The George Washington University
Enterprise Hall Suite 290
Attn: Student Accounts Office
44983 Knoll Square
Ashburn, VA 20147  

Please be sure to write your student GWID on the check.  Payments made via check will be reflected on the student’s account when the payment is processed.

Directions for submitting 529 plan payments can be found on our 529 Plans page.


The university does not accept cash payments.