Fees & Charges

The student account may include a variety of fees and charges. The Student Accounts Office bills for miscellaneous charges issued by the departments from which they originate. Each of the originating departments maintains detailed records concerning billed items that appear on the student account. Specific inquiries should be directed to those departments.

These fees are mandatory, if applicable.

Matriculation Fees: The matriculation fee is a one-time charge for new students. The matriculation fee for undergraduates is $350 and a part of the mandatory enrollment deposit is applied toward this fee. Graduate matriculation fees, when applicable, vary and are determined by each department.

Student Association Fee: All main campus students are charged a student association fee which is based on their registration.  

  • 2021-2022 Academic Year - $3.00 per credit hour
  • 2020-2021 Academic Year - $3.00 per credit hour
  • 2019-2020 Academic Year - $3.00 per credit hour

Registration Fee: Off-campus and online programs students are charged a registration fee of $35 per semester.

Course Fees: Your student bill may include course fees for certain classes. Course fees may include art course fees, engineering fees, lab fees, language fees, etc. These fees are a separate line item on your statement. Applicable fees for each course are notated in the Schedule of Classes.

Proctor Fees: Some off-campus programs contain courses that may include a mandatory proctor fee. Inquiries regarding this fee should be directed to your program.

The student account will not include charges for:

  • Books
  • Library fines
  • Off-campus housing
  • Parking
  • Since the student account does not include all of the items listed on the estimated Cost of Attendance, the billed amount does not typically equal the estimated Cost of Attendance.
  • The bill lists the total tuition charged for the semester, not individual courses. If you need an itemized statement showing the cost per course, please submit the Itemized Statement Request Form.
  • Fees may be subject to change at any time.