Late Payments

Per the university's Past Due Balance policy, failure to pay the bill in full by the first day of the semester or to make all required monthly payment plan payments by their due date may result in the assessment of late payment fees, financial holds, and other collection activity. Late payment penalties may be assessed.

Starting with the fall 2023 semester, all accounts with outstanding balances are initially subject to a flat $75 late fee on the schedule below. If the account continues to have an outstanding balance as of the second month indicated, it will be charged a fee that is five percent (5%) of the outstanding balance as of that date.  This cycle repeats each semester on the same system if there are outstanding balances at the indicated point in the semester. Fees will be assessed after the due date listed on the prior statement.

Semester $75 Fee 5% Late Fee*
Fall                                                           November                                                           December                             
Spring                                                           March                                                           April                             
Summer                                                           July                                                           August                             

 *unless a lower amount is required by law

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that payment arrangements are made in a timely manner in order to avoid these fees. If you are disputing late fees and/or interest charges, please fill out the Late Payment Fee & Interest Charge Appeal form. All requests must be received by our office within 60 days of these fees being assessedPlease allow 7-10 business days for processing. Appeal decisions are final and will not be subject to further review.