International Payments

International students have multiple options for paying their Student Account balance.

Bank Wire Transfer

The university accepts bank wire transfers via the Student Account eBill solution.  Payments made via the Student Account eBill solution will be reflected on your student account upon receipt of the wired funds.

Users paying in an accepted international currency will be able to lock in their exchange rate for 72 hours. Students and authorized users electing the wire payment method and selecting US Dollars as their currency option, regardless of the country of origin, will be assessed a non-refundable service fee of $20.  This fee will appear as a separate transaction on the transmission form. For directions on how to submit a bank wire transfer through the Student Account eBill, please see the following instrucitons:

Please note that international wires are not currently accepted from the following countries*: Cuba, North Korea, Iran, North Sudan, South Sudan, and the Crimea region of Ukraine.

*The countries listed here do not constitute a full or final list and may change at any time without prior notice to adhere to U.S. sanctions.


GlobalPay for Students

GlobalPay for Students lets you pay your balance from your home bank account using the currency of your home nation, without worrying about exchange rates, receiving bank fees, or funds arriving short. This is our preferred method for receiving international payments.

  • No transaction charges from the George Washington University.
  • Fee of $20 assessed by Western Union Business Solutions for US Dollar transactions.  
  • Favorable exchange rates compared to most banks.
  • Reduced bank fees because the transfer is considered a local transfer.
  • Payments post to the student account within 2-5 business days from transfer.

Make your payment now.

Credit Card

Effective August 10th, 2016, the university will accept international credit card payments directly via the Student Account eBill solution.  Payments made via the Student Account eBill solution will be reflected on your student account immediately. Students and authorized users paying via credit card option will be assessed a Pay-Path Payment Service Fee of 2.75% of the transaction amount (Minimum of $3.00).  This fee is assessed by our processor and will appear as a separate transaction of the cardholder’s monthly statement. Please read our Credit Card FAQ's here.

International Wire Transfer

In order to process a wire transfer for the payment of your student account invoice or balance of your account, your bank requires the university's ABA Routing Number, Account Number and Swift Number which are listed on the Wire Transfer Information Form (PDF). We suggest that you type in your full name and GWID number onto the form, then print it out and provide it to your financial institution for wire processing. Posting times for wire transfers vary depending on the originating bank. Please expect longer processing times, intermediary bank fees and exchange fees for international wire transfers.

Please note: Before you can begin your international payment, please visit the Student Account eBill to review the charges on your bill and to determine the amount due for payment purposes. The Student Account eBill system can also be accessed via the GWeb Information System under the Student Accounts menu. The university will only accept payments up to the amount on the Student Account eBill. Any overpayment on your student account bill will be returned to the bank account from which you sent your payment.