Parent Resources

Please see some important highlights for parents/guardians below.


Some programs require a deposit to reserve a spot in the program. Your program should provide you will instructions but you can also follow these instructions under the 'Submitting Admissions Deposits' section.

Account Access

FERPA Protection
Students’ accounts are protected by the Family Education and Rights Protection Act (FERPA). Your student can submit a Student Consent Form to allow GW to discuss their accounts with parents or other third parties.

Authorized User Access
Students can authorize parents/guardians and other third parties to view their accounts, receive notifications, and make payments, in Student eBill.

The Bill

Due Dates
GW charges are due on the first day of the semester or upon registration, whichever is second, unless a student is enrolled in the monthly payment plan for the semester.


Tuition rates are posted on our website under Tuition and Fees. Tuition rates are updated each year and the updates rates go into effect for the summer semester.

Fees are assessed based on a student’s registration and can vary each semester. The most common fees include student association fees, registration fees, program fees, and course fees. GW also assesses late payment fees, finance charges, and returned payment fees if applicable.

Room and Board
Room and board charges are assessed based a variety of options and living choices that are important to your student. Housing rates and floor plans can be reviewed on the Campus Living website.Details on dining plans can be found on the GW Dining website.

Health Insurance
All undergraduate students, medical, on-campus nursing, on-campus Health Science, and international students holding a J1 or F1 visa are required to carry student health insurance while they study at GW.  These students will be automatically enrolled in the GW SHIP and must submit an opt-out waiver within the waiver period if they have another insurance plan that meets the required criteria. Those students not listed above may voluntarily enroll in GW SHIP.

Tuition Insurance
Tuition insurance can be purchased from GradGuard to protect your educational investments by reimbursing up to 100% of tuition, room, and board in the event of medical or mental health withdrawal. The coverage costs vary based on level and program. Families must enroll prior to the start of the semester.



Payment Plan

GWU offers payment plans for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Please visit the Student Account Office website for details on any currently open Payment Plans.  Families must enroll in a plan prior to the start of the semester. 

Financial Aid
Financial Aid information is available online. You should also check with your program for any available grants or scholarships.

How to Pay
GW charges are due on the first day of the semester or upon registration, whichever is second, unless a student is enrolled in the monthly payment plan for the semester. Payment may be made online via ACH, credit card, or wire. For payments mailed directly to GWU, the remittance address is:

George Washington University

Attn: Student Accounts Office 

44983 Knoll Sq, Suite 290

Ashburn, VA  20147

Please visit our website for a complete list of accepted payment types.



Due to excess Title IV funds

Credit balances due to excess Title IV funds will be processed automatically after the start of the semester. Parent PLUS loan credits will be issued to the borrower via check unless the borrower has authorized the credit to the student.

Due to GI Bill or Yellow Ribbon benefits
Credit balances due to GI or Yellow Ribbon funds will be automatically reviewed by the Military and Veteran Services office.

Due to overpayments
For all other refunds, students must use our online Refund Request form in GWeb to request their refund as a direct deposit, check, or credit to a future semester. Credit balances due to wire or credit card can either be returned to the originating account, credited to a future semester, or transferred to your GWorld card.

Refunds to parents
Other than Parent PLUS loans, parents cannot request a refund on behalf of a student without having power of attorney.

Past Due Accounts

Late fees
Failure to pay by the first day of the semester or to make all required monthly payment plan fees by their due date may result in late fees and finance charges.

Holds are applied to registered students with balances over $2,500 ($75 if receiving employee benefits), to inactive students with any balance, and for returned payments. These holds prevent student from registering for additional courses and receiving their diploma until their balance is paid in full.

Pre-collections is a process in which a student is placed with a third party servicer (ECSI) to resolve their balance and/or set up a payment plan prior to being placed with a collection agency.  

Accounts that are more than 90 days past due will be referred to a third party collection agency and/or attorney for collection.

Other Information

The University is required to furnish a 1098-T form to each registered student by January 31st of each calendar year. 1098Ts are available in Student eBill.

Student Support
The CARE Team is a cross-departmental support system which recognizes that student concerns are often multi-faceted. Students are connected to resources through inter-departmental collaboration to provide them with appropriate and personalized outreach.