Direct Deposit for Refunds

Please note: Credit balances due to a wire transfer or a credit card payment will be returned via the method in which the funds were transferred to GW.

Students can arrange to receive their refund by direct deposit into their bank account. In order to receive the refund by direct deposit, students must create a refund profile on the Student Account eBill.  We recommend creating a refund profile so that refunds can be directly deposited rather than receiving a mailed check. Creating a refund profile does not initiate a refund.

To set up a refund profile, log into the Student Account eBill. Once logged in, select Refunds, then Set up Account then include your bank routing and account numbers.

Important Considerations

  • Only one bank account may be designated to receive refunds.
  • Verify your bank's ABA Routing number and your account number with your bank prior to entering this information on the Student Account eBill.