Direct Deposit for Refunds

Important: Credit balances due to a wire transfer or a credit card overpayment will only be returned via the method in which the funds were transferred to GW.

Students can receive their refund of other funds via direct deposit into their checking or savings account. Direct deposits are typically received within 1-3 days, while check refunds can take up to 14 business days to receive. To receive your refund by direct deposit, you need to create a refund profile in Student Account eBill. Creating a refund profile does not initiate a refund; you will need to submit a refund request in GWEB unless your credit balance is due to excess Title IV funds. Please visit How to Enroll In Direct Deposit on our YouTube page for guidance on how to enroll in direct deposit to receive your refund sooner. 

To set up a refund profile, log into Student Account eBill. Once logged in, select Electronic Refunds on the right side panel, then add your bank routing and account numbers.

Important Considerations

  • Only one bank account may be designated to receive refunds.
  • Verify your bank's ABA Routing number and your account number with your bank prior to entering this information on Student Account eBill.
  •  NACHA mandates that all ACH originators must have the bank account and routing number validated in real-time to confirm that they correspond to a legitimate, open account that will allow ACH transactions to post. If you receive an error message when attempting to establish your refund profile, please confirm that your bank account and routing number are correct. If you continue to receive an error message, please contact your bank to confirm that the bank account is eligible to receive web deposits, then contact us to add your account to the ACH validation list.