Online Authorizations

The George Washington University provides students with online consent opportunities within the GWeb Information System to:

-Receive your 1098T electronically – no more waiting on paper tax forms! 

-Allow GW to contact you via your cell phone for business purposes

-Select the appropriate option(s) related to your Title IV authorizations (see our Title IV FAQ's for more information)

These elections are completely voluntary, are not a condition of admission or attendance, and will remain in effect unless or until updated by the student. The elections may be changed at any time by providing written advice via email to [email protected]. Changes in your elections will not be retroactive.

To submit your elections for each of these new options, please take the following steps:

1. Login to the GWeb Information System

2. Select the ‘Student Records and Registration’ menu

3. Select ‘Student Accounts’

4. Select ‘Student Authorization’

Please review each item carefully before you select your responses. You do not need to click the ‘Submit Survey’ button to submit your responses, only navigate to the next question. If you click the ‘Submit Survey’ button you will not be able to make additional changes via GWeb, but you can still change your authorizations by sending an email to [email protected]. You can also find our step by step Voluntary Student Authorization instructions here.