How the eBill System Works

The George Washington University does not issue paper statements. Students and authorized users are notified by email when a new statement is available. Parents may gain access to the eBill system if the student adds them as an authorized user.

Please note that students must access the Student Account eBill via the GWeb Information System.


In the Student Account eBill you are able to:

  • View and print statements (The university maintains copies of your monthly statements within the Student eBill solution for a period of two years after the student's last active enrollment.  Please contact the Student Accounts Office should you need a statement after that two year time period.)
  • View current activity
  • Make enrollment deposits
  • Make payments via electronic check (bank account and routing numbers are required) or credit card
  • View past payments
  • Schedule a payment for a future date via electronic check
  • Create a direct deposit refund profile (note: refunds for payment made via international wire transfer or credit card must be refunded to the account of origin.)
  • Add or remove authorized users
  • Add an alternate email address
  • Enroll in optional text message notifications