Monthly Payment Plan

The monthly payment plan enables students or their authorized users to pay current Fall and Spring semester tuition and fees in four equal payments per semester and current Summer semester tuition in three equal payments.  Payments must be scheduled via ACH or credit card on the 10th of each month in July through October for the Fall semester, December through March for the Spring semester, and April through June for the Summer semester.  Enrollment is required for each semester in which you participate in the plan. Only one plan may be set up for the student per semester. The monthly payment plan option is interest-free as long as monthly payments are made on time and in full.  Failure to make payment for two consecutive months will result in the cancellation of the plan and the application of a $150 late fee.

Enrollment in a payment plan is restricted to students registered or planning to register for courses in the specified semester. 

You can enroll via the Student Accounts eBill. You can also download our tutorial on Enrolling in a Payment Plan in eBill (PDF).

Fall payments are paid from July to October. Spring payments are paid in December through March. Students are advised to sign up with estimated figures (2021-2022 Cost of Attendance Worksheet) in June and October, respectively. Students who sign up after July 10th or December 10th will need to make up any missed payments upon enrollment.

Fall 2021 Monthly Payment Plan

 Enrollment  Period  Enrollment  Fee Down Payment  Scheduled  Payments
06/11/21 –07/21/21 $45 $0.00 (+ missed payment if enrolling after the 10th of July) 07/10, 08/10,
 09/10,  10/10 
07/22/21 – 08/29/21 $80 25% of estimated charges (+ missed payment if enrolling after the 10th of August)

08/10,  09/10,  10/10 

08/30/21  Closed


Spring 2022 Monthly Payment Plan

 Enrollment  Period  Enrollment  Fee Down Payment  Scheduled  Payments
10/11/21 –12/15/21 $45 $0.00 (+ missed payment if enrolling after the 10th of December)

  01/10,   02/10,

12/16/21 – 01/09/22 $80 25% of estimated charges (+ missed payment if enrolling on the 10th of January)

 01/10,  02/10,

01/10/22  Closed

A monthly plan is available for the summer semester, with payments in three installments.  Payments for the summer semester are due on the 10th of each month in April, May and June.  Students wishing to participate in the monthly payment plan must apply no later than May 16th. 

A non-refundable setup fee of $35 is due at the time of enrollment in the monthly payment plan for the summer semester. Students who apply after April 10th will need to make up the missed payment at the time of application.

Students can sign up using estimated figures (2021-2022 Cost of Attendance Worksheet).

The non-refundable setup fees and down payments are as follows:  

Summer 2021 Monthly Payment Plan

Enrollment Period  Enrollment  Fee Down Payment Scheduled Payments
03/11/21 – 04/09/21 $35 $0.00  04/10, 05/10, 06/10
04/10/21 – 05/09/21 $35 Missed April 10th installment 05/10, 06/10

05/10/21 – 05/16/21

$35 Missed April 10th and May 10th installments 06/10
05/17/21  Closed

The monthly payment plan setup fee is non-refundable.

Monthly payment plan payments must be scheduled via ACH or credit card at enrollment to automatically withdraw from the saved payment method on the 10th of each month. The monthly plan is interest-free if the sum of the payments covers the semester balance due to the George Washington University and payments are received by the 10th. Failure to do so will result in late payment fees and interest charges

When estimating charges for the Monthly Payment Plan, do not include Work Study awards; these funds are paid directly to the student and are not applied to the student account unless specifically authorized by the student via the online authorization form in GWeb. 

Because payments must be scheduled when you enroll in the plan, the plan is not recommended for those families who want to pay via 529, wire, or any other method besides ACH or credit card.

Payment plans are initially created based on the estimates you establish for tuition and fees for the semester in which you are enrolling in the payment plan. Due to changes in funding or registration, the initial estimate may be too high or too low, or you may need to cancel the plan. Students or authorized users who have enrolled in the payment plan may request an adjustment to the plan balance prior to the beginning of the semester by completing and submitting a  Payment Plan Adjustment Form. The form can only be submitted by the student or authorized user who enrolled in the plan; forms will not be accepted if submitted by other parties. To have the requested adjustment or cancellation take effect for your next scheduled installment, the form must be submitted no later than 3:00 PM the business day prior to the date the next installment payment is due.

See the "Automatic Plan Recalculations" section below for more information on payment plan adjustments after the start of the semester.

After the start of the semester, the university will transition all initially estimated payment plans to plans that recalculate based on the actual student account balance. As the student’s registration is completed and/or changes subsequently, the payment plan will automatically recalculate the monthly installment amounts to equally distribute the updated account balance among the remaining scheduled payment plan installments. Payment plan installment amounts may increase or decrease depending on the account activity and subsequent recalculations. Participants will receive an automated email informing them of the new plan amount.

Participants who have scheduled their installments using a credit card via PayPath will need to manually add a new payment method to the remaining installments in their new plan once the university transitions to plans based on actual student account balances. If a payment method is not added to these remaining installments, they will fail to process, and you will be delinquent on your payment plan. You can download our tutorial on  Adding a New Payment Method to a Payment Plan Installment (PDF).