Monthly Payment Plan

The university has partnered with ECSI to offer an interest-free monthly payment plan available to all students. There are three plans available:

Students who wish to use this service may sign up online at or by phone at 866-927-1438. Students are expected to begin their payments prior to receiving a bill, and will need to estimate their charges and pending credits when signing up. Once a GW eBill statement is issued, students should compare their ECSI monthly payment plan to their GW billing statement and contact ECSI to adjust their payments accordingly.  ECSI accepts a variety of payment methods; please contact them directly for more information.

Please note: Enrollment must be completed each academic year.

10-Month Annual Plan

Payments for the annual plan begin in June and continue until March. The first 5 payments credit the fall semester and the remaining 5 payments credit the spring semester. Students are advised to sign up with estimated figures in June. Students who sign up after June will need to make up payments – please contact ECSI for additional information. The enrollment fees are as follows:

Enrollment Date Application Fee
Before July 10th $65
July 11th - July 31st $85
August 1st - August 20th $135
After August 20th Plan no longer available

5-Month Semester Plan

Payments for the fall only plan begin in June, and payments for the spring only plan begin in November. Students are advised to sign up with estimates in June or October, respectively.  Students, who enroll in the fall only plan in July or August, will need to make up any payments missed – please contact ECSI for additional information. The enrollment fees are as follows:

Fall Enrollment Date Spring Enrollment Date Application Fee
Before July 10th Before November 1st $45
July 11th - July 31st November 2nd - November 30th $60
August 1st - August 20th December 1st - January 1st $90
After August 20th After January 1st Plan no longer available

3-Month Summer Plan

Payments for the summer are made in April, May and June. An application fee of $35 will be collected upon signing up, and students must sign up by May 1st. Summer payments are by automatic debit only.

Important Considerations

This plan is interest-free if the sum of the payments covers the semester balance due to the George Washington University. If the sum of the payments does not cover the semester balance, the difference must be paid by the first day of the semester to avoid late payment fees and finance charges.

When estimating charges for the Monthly Payment Plan, do not include Work Study awards; these funds are paid directly to the student and are not applied to the student account unless specifically authorized by the student using a Title IV Authorization form which is available on our Forms & Resources page.