Authorized User Access

Students can add up to 5 authorized users in their Student Account eBill system. Authorized users have access to the eBill system only, and do not have access to view grades, course information, or financial aid award letters.

How to Become an Authorized User

If someone other than the student (e.g., a parent, relative, spouse, etc.) will be making payments to the university, the student should add them as an authorized user on the account. The student is the only one with the ability to grant access to the eBill system.

Students can add a new authorized user by logging into the eBill system and clicking on Authorized Users. The student will then enter the email address and the authorized user will be sent a unique encrypted password and link to the eBill. You can also download our tutorial on Setting Up an Authorized User (PDF).

Please note: Completing a Student Consent form (found on the Office of the Registrar website) does not give online access to the eBill; the student grants access through the eBill system. 

Please review our Parent/Guardian Access page for more information on what is needed to conduct business with GW on behalf of your student.