Voluntary Library Gift

The Voluntary Library Gift is a tax-deductible gift.  The funds are used to support important student resources in the GW Libraries. A gift amount of $50 is automatically applied to student accounts each term. As it is voluntary, it may be declined at any point during the semester in which it was applied.

The Voluntary Library Gift that appears on your tuition invoice supports the resources, services and spaces within the GW Libraries such as furniture, new technology and creating or renovating study rooms based on feedback received from students.

We appreciate your support of the GW Libraries.

Declining the Library Gift

If you choose to decline the library gift, you can do so on the Student Account eBill. Once you are logged into the eBill system, click the View Activity button on the homepage. Select the term for which you wish to decline the library gift; the page will display all of the account activity and at the bottom, the option to Explain Voluntary Library Gift will be displayed. There you will see the option to Accept or Decline the gift. You can also download our tutorial on Removing the Library Gift (PDF). You also have the option of leaving a voicemail to include your name and GWid when calling into our office. 

Please Note: This gift must be declined during the semester in which it was applied.