Late Payment Fees & Finance Charges

Failure to pay the bill in full by the first day of the semester or to make all required monthly payment plan payments by their due date may result in the assessment of late payment fees and finance charges. These charges may be assessed each month that the account has an overdue, outstanding balance. The late payment fee is $150. The finance charges are applied at a 12% APR. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that payment arrangements are made in a timely manner in order to avoid these fees. If you are disputing late fees and/or finance charges, these requests must be received by our office within 60 days.

Past Due Accounts

Accounts that are past due are encumbered by the University.  A student whose account is encumbered may not register for future semesters, may not receive grades, diplomas or transcripts. Accounts that are more than 90 days past due may be referred to an agency and/or attorney for collection.  The student is then responsible for all charges, costs and fees due to or incurred by the University, as well as all costs, fees and charges incurred by the agency and/or attorney, including attorney's fees.